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New Zealand’s first domestically focused impact investment fund

The Fund provides growth capital to businesses who deliver social and/or environmental impact, alongside attractive financial returns. This Fund has two primary objectives: delivering market-rate financial returns, and delivering tangible societal and environmental outcomes. 

The Fund is live after a Final Close in November 2018 at approximately $9 million. For more information about the launch of the Fund, and the announcement of our first investment in Melon Health, see our latest media release here.

The successful launch of the Impact Enterprise Fund has coincided with a time where the growth in impact investing globally continues at a rapid pace, with funds under management doubling in the last 12 months to more than US$200b. This growth reflects an increased desire for investors to make values based investment decisions.

The opportunity

Impact Investing is an investment that is made with the intention of generating a measurable and beneficial societal and/or environmental impact, alongside a financial return for the investor

Summary of the opportunity:

  1. The Fund is targeting market rate financial returns, with no concession for also delivering societal and/or environment impact;

  2. The Fund is investing into fast growing sectors of the New Zealand economy such as; clean energy, agriculture technology, education and healthcare;

  3. Funds deployed into impact investments are growing at ~50% p.a. globally;

  4. The Fund is managed by some of New Zealand’s most experienced practitioners, and the collaborative approach provides a deep bench, strong networks, and complementary and diverse skill sets;

  5. The relatively small size of the Fund allows the management team to be highly selective in making investment decisions.


Target sectors

Clean Energy

Agriculture technology


Sustainable Food Production



Global Impact Funds under Management US$billion

founding partners

Ākina is New Zealand’s leading social entrepreneurship and enterprise development organisation. Since 2012, Ākina has built the capability of impact businesses and developed new market and investment opportunities in the sector.


New Ground Capital is an Auckland-based investment manager specialising in the development and management of innovative and impactful investments. In all its investing activities New Ground looks at investments from both a financial and social return perspective, believing that investments that make a strong societal or environmental impact can also be the most sustainable and financially rewarding over the long term.

Impact Ventures is a company established to be the manager of a New Zealand focused Impact Investing fund and provide corporate finance advisory services. The members of Impact Ventures have significant Investment Banking experience, providing expertise to the Fund in the areas of; deal evaluation, structuring and execution, capital raisings, mergers and acquisitions, and strategic advice.